Friday, February 17, 2012

Brass Chamber Music

If people I don't know eventually care about my thoughts this will be useful... otherwise it's just for me.

Last night I played trombone duets for hours until about 2:30am and then today I played trombone quartets for about an hour, I played trombone octets for an hour and a half, brass quintets for an hour, and then more brass quintets for another couple hours... by far the most chamber music I've played in one day... but some interesting things have been noted.

Either the music we played was somewhat simple or we've gotten better as a whole and I have gotten better as an individual musician. I think it might have been a tiny bit of the former and a lot of the latter. I played a whole lot of fun music that we really enjoyed playing and anybody walking by would love to listen to, brass musician or not! It's an amazing thing that doesn't happen anymore. When classical musicians hear the idea of Beatles songs arranged for brass quintet, they assume they'll be corny and easy... These were an extreme case, but they were really very demanding arrangements and we had a ton of fun playing.

Point being this is the way to get people to hear music... this is the way to make brass chamber music relevant in modern culture... not by just doing the same thing we've been doing for 50 years.

Can't wait to see where this goes! Everyone was in a really good mood today, hope this lasts! :D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogger & Picasa Change!

Google is known to buy a company, rename it Google, and give it away for free. This blog is no different, but for quite some time it has been called Blogger and Blogspot. Very soon this will change to Google Blogs and Picasa will turn into Google Photos. I'm okay with this- if anything it gives more simplicity and I know exactly what we're dealing with. What is Picasa exactly?.... Google Photos. Works for me.

Welcome Back

I'm thinking of giving this blog a purpose... maybe dedicate it to a specific topic and then it will be used more than never. I have a tumblr which is my main blog for all things me.. but I think I'll make this one something different. I can tell you this- it will either go in a significantly nerdy direction or significantly funny direction. Now I'm not sure I can keep up the humor, so I'm thinking my own Google Blog- so not only what's new with Google but my views on it. This way every person that isn't reading this won't know what they don't care about. Maybe someone will read it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Blog

Sup... felt the need to create a blog because I'm super funky fresh...
This is me:

2008 Brigadiers: St. Patrick's Day Parade

I'm really tall and really skinny.